Two years ago I found my JOY!

*Disclaimer- This blog is for educational purposes only. The use of many psychedelics are illegal in most states. This therapy is not recommended for everyone. Please work with creditable and qualified practitioner* Two years ago, I found my JOY. Photo by Jason Levassuer (my beloved) Two years ago I took a Journey that alter my... Continue Reading →

I Just Wanted A F@#&ing WATER!!

~September 11, 2019~ Today I was filled with rage and anger, when I should have been excited and happy, because I was going to see my all time favorite man crush- Sebastian Bach.   At first I really didn't understand where it came from.  It all started with getting to work this morning, a car... Continue Reading →

Owl Medicine

~February 12, 2017~ This week broke me open.  It was full of spirit, fear, love, and rites of passage.  I planned to do a lot of self care during the week to prepare for the upcoming embryo transfer.  Sunday was spent doing my usually meal prep, cooking and cleaning. I wanted to make sure I had... Continue Reading →

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