What Self-Care Really Looks Like

~September 21, 2018~ The one thing I love about Facebook (and probably the only thing), is the memory feature.  I do enjoy being reminded of what I was doing on the same day years before.  Today I didn't need reminding. Seven years ago today, I said "good-bye" to the Animal Welfare Program which had become... Continue Reading →

Good-bye, My Sweet Daisy May

It's been almost 5 months since I had to say good-bye to my beloved best friend Daisy.  My heart has been too broken to write about it. I'm still deep in the grieving process, but I wanted to honor my sweet girl's memory. Daisy May... next to my kids, was the greatest love of my... Continue Reading →

Owl Medicine

~February 12, 2017~ This week broke me open.  It was full of spirit, fear, love, and rites of passage.  I planned to do a lot of self care during the week to prepare for the upcoming embryo transfer.  Sunday was spent doing my usually meal prep, cooking and cleaning. I wanted to make sure I had... Continue Reading →

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