Two years ago I found my JOY!

*Disclaimer- This blog is for educational purposes only. The use of many psychedelics are illegal in most states. This therapy is not recommended for everyone. Please work with creditable and qualified practitioner* Two years ago, I found my JOY. Photo by Jason Levassuer (my beloved) Two years ago I took a Journey that alter my... Continue Reading →

My Birth Into Motherhood

Twenty-five years ago may seem like a lifetime, but it went by so fast.  I was just barely nineteen, and scheduled for a C-section, because my baby, the one that I was so desperately tried to find out his or her gender, was breach and measuring over 10 lbs.  Like I said, I was nineteen.... Continue Reading →

Moments After the Bomb

A Bomb has been just dropped into your life. That bomb is some type of horrible news. The lost of a job, a terminal diagnosis, or in my case- the death of a beloved friend. What do you do? In moments like these, I just head for the woods. I find movement the most effective... Continue Reading →


The greatest magic I have ever created, are my boys. My first son I had at the young age of 19, I didn’t know how much I needed him to anchor me into this world. My second son- 16 year later, I wanted so desperately. I wanted to experience motherhood again, and be the mother... Continue Reading →

I Just Wanted A F@#&ing WATER!!

~September 11, 2019~ Today I was filled with rage and anger, when I should have been excited and happy, because I was going to see my all time favorite man crush- Sebastian Bach.   At first I really didn't understand where it came from.  It all started with getting to work this morning, a car... Continue Reading →

I Suffer from Brokenness

~May 14, 20219~ I am a 42-year-old woman, a mother of two, a partner to a man-child, and a stepmom 17-year-old girl.  I currently manage a chiropractic office, working between 30 to 35 hours a week and making $23,000 a year.  I am broke! I'm $68,000 in debt.  No savings, and MANY failed attempts and... Continue Reading →

You Are Not Alone…

~October 28, 2018~ October is INTENSE!!! For me has a whole lot of energy! It holds space for a lot of wonderful things, but for some reason, it's the time when I dig down and work on my shadow side.  Perhaps it's because October represents a significant seasonal change.  The waning of the warm sun,... Continue Reading →

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