My name is Jen.  I am a certified Holistic Health Coach and a certified End of Life Doula. It is in my exploration and work with death, that I found the beauty in life. After spending half my life living with the expectation and beliefs of what others thought I should be or do; I completely lost myself. I wanted out… The only way out I thought was to end my own life. I knew that was not what I really wanted. I wanted to live a life that was authentic, with meaning, and aligned with my ideas and beliefs. I wanted to live MY life. So I got to work trying to figure that out. I got back to my roots and reclaimed myself, my joy, my wildness, and my magic.

It was on this journey I found my passion and mission- to help others define, explore and create their authentic life. You do the work- I am the witness, provide a map, and the light. You choose your own path, and I will walk beside you. I will hold your hand when you need extra support, be your cheerleader when you need encouragement, and hold your deepest secrets with compassion, respect, and honor.

If you’re ready to reclaim who you are, shed the layers of who you’re “supposed” to be, and make your dreams come true, let’s do this together!

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