A Soul Unfolding – Musings from my personal journal.

Welcome to the abyss of my soul. Here, you will find my raw, unedited real life journal entries, as I navigate my way through my soul’s evolution. So if you’re here for good grammar, correct punctuation, clean polished essays -free of cuss words, maybe you should keep moving. I definitely come with a warning label.

This will be a look into my personal healing journey, the challenges, pain and heartache of life. As well as the joy, love, exploration, growth, and beauty that life holds too. All of this magic makes up our life. It shows us what we are made of and how truly amazing we really are. And maybe my experience can remind you, that you are not alone. Or give you the inspiration to try something new, push yourself a little more, and lean into the hard stuff.

The words in this blog, are mine. They are my truth at the time of writing them. They are my thoughts feelings, beliefs, struggles, rage-there’s a lot of rage… my guilt, shame, venerability, love, joy, wisdom, and magic. They are the making of the soul called Jen. They are mine. You don’t have to agree with them or like them, because they are mine. My True…. My Soul Work


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