Good-bye, My Sweet Daisy May

It’s been almost 5 months since I had to say good-bye to my beloved best friend Daisy.  My heart has been too broken to write about it. I’m still deep in the grieving process, but I wanted to honor my sweet girl’s memory.

Daisy May… next to my kids, was the greatest love of my life. I honor our friendship, love and the deep devotion she had for me. Daisy walked me through the grieving process so many times, and even walked me through her own transition from this earthly plane. I truly believe that her slow decline in health was her way of preparing me for this heart aching loss.  Had it been quick and abrupt, I couldn’t have handled the trauma.  She had always been my greatest protector, friend and guide!

We spent lot of our last days with our old girl just laying around the meditation room or out in the hammock. She spent most of her time sleeping, and Elliot was never far from her side. Elliot and I slept down stairs, since Daisy couldn’t climb the stairs any more. It’s was nice sleeping in the meditation room with the big picture windows and the door open. Being able to feel the breeze, smell the trees, hear the stream, and see the stars and moon. We were completely supported by Mother Nature. As hard as it was to watch her decline, it was an honor to assist her in her transition to the spirit world. To hold space as she rested her weak body, to walk next to her while she enjoys the breeze and sunshine and just being in the moment. My life will be so empty with out her physical presence, but our souls with be forever connected.

Daisy was by my side for the past 14 years of my life. She truly was a gift from heaven, and even though I rescued her and her siblings from a horrible place, I really believe she rescued me. I am so blessed to have had this girl grace my life with her companionship, devotion and deepest love. I will LOVE you FOREVER Daisy…





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