My Birth Into Motherhood

Twenty-five years ago may seem like a lifetime, but it went by so fast.  I was just barely nineteen, and scheduled for a C-section, because my baby, the one that I was so desperately tried to find out his or her gender, was breach and measuring over 10 lbs.  Like I said, I was nineteen.... Continue Reading →

Moments After the Bomb

A Bomb has been just dropped into your life. That bomb is some type of horrible news. The lost of a job, a terminal diagnosis, or in my case- the death of a beloved friend. What do you do? In moments like these, I just head for the woods. I find movement the most effective... Continue Reading →


The greatest magic I have ever created, are my boys. My first son I had at the young age of 19, I didn’t know how much I needed him to anchor me into this world. My second son- 16 year later, I wanted so desperately. I wanted to experience motherhood again, and be the mother... Continue Reading →

I Just Wanted A F@#&ing WATER!!

~September 11, 2019~ Today I was filled with rage and anger, when I should have been excited and happy, because I was going to see my all time favorite man crush- Sebastian Bach.   At first I really didn't understand where it came from.  It all started with getting to work this morning, a car... Continue Reading →

I Suffer from Brokenness

~May 14, 20219~ I am a 42-year-old woman, a mother of two, a partner to a man-child, and a stepmom 17-year-old girl.  I currently manage a chiropractic office, working between 30 to 35 hours a week and making $23,000 a year.  I am broke! I'm $68,000 in debt.  No savings, and MANY failed attempts and... Continue Reading →

You Are Not Alone…

~October 28, 2018~ October is INTENSE!!! For me has a whole lot of energy! It holds space for a lot of wonderful things, but for some reason, it's the time when I dig down and work on my shadow side.  Perhaps it's because October represents a significant seasonal change.  The waning of the warm sun,... Continue Reading →

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