Hello and welcome friend.  My name is Jen.  I am a certified Health Coach, End of Life Doula, and Reiki Master.  Welcome to The Sacred Journey Home.  My passion is working in the shadows.  Digging in, to uncover those stuck pieces that have been hidden in our souls.  I also love helping people connect those pieces of themselves they lost from disconnecting from sad, painful, and traumatic experiences.  My work is in the medicine of pain, grief, and loss.  Those are truly the juicy landscapes that make us who we are.  

What is the Sacred Journey Home?  Well, my friend, it holds all kinds of meanings.  It is whatever you need it to mean in the phase of life you are in.  For some, it may mean finding their passion, getting unstuck, and discovering the joy in life again.  For others, it may mean taking control of their health and creating new wellness plans and routines.  And for all of us, it’s the journey that brings us back to our source- our soul- our true essence.  It’s the journey of coming home to ourselves.  Eventually, it’s a journey to our next phase into the great unknown.  

My job is to be the guide, a navigator if you will- to walk with you, support you, hold your hand when needed and be your biggest cheerleader.  So, what is it that you need? How can I help you navigate the current life phase you are in?  How can I assist you in creating the life you dream of, and fulfill the work you are meant to do while you are in your earthly body?  What support do you need to reach your goals?  What medicine are you carrying that you need to uncover, so you can share it with the world? Let’s have a conversation and find out.